"Centenary year celebrations from July 23 - July 28"






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Kittamani Science Block

We have a world class laboratory facilities in our school to enrich the students knowledge.read more


History Revisited


100th year

Tilak Vidyalaya Turns 100. read more

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Tilak Vidyalaya Alumni Association

Connect with your childhood friends here. read more



Immeasurable Moments. View Here
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Each individual differs from others due to his vision of life, which includes his values and ideals. To develop the right vision in our children, is to create a generation of truly educated, refined, noble people, equipped and inspired to serve the world. in their various capacities, thereby fulfilling their living.

The purpose of education is the overall unfolding and gentle blossoming of the child at the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels of their personalities. True education complements academic excellence with character building and personality development.



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